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Hello everyone my name is Robert Eldridge and I’m with montage insurance services today’s video is going to be about united Medicare in Las Vegas yeah Las Vegas is one largest insurance companies in the United States they are number 14 and fortune 500 magazine’s list of largest companies in America they are also the only insurance coming and the first insurance company to be listened on the Dow Jones Industrial Average they have an HMO here in Las Vegas the United care Medicare Las Vegas HMO plan is a competitive price HMO plan in Clark County Nevada they also use a Tier one provider network called partners and in the late 2000s the care bot ciara health and life insurance company which is also included senior dimensions so they have two different HMOs they go by different games – senior dimensions senior dimensions uses Southwest Medical Associates doctors uses or you know benefits you know young in Las Vegas plans offer many benefits some of them include some basic transportation some dental some visions some hearing and gym memberships they also have a 24-hour nurse hotline and an online access to your files I just want to come and go over some of those benefits a little a little bit more transportation services they have with a higher benefits for that they do charge you for each way but so does every other company they usually have more but they’re not going to take you to do errands they’re going to take you to your home to the doctor to the pharmacy and back each trip is consolidebt trips considered one trip okay they do offer some basic dental vision and you’ll check up some things of that nature basic carrying they actually own the eye – actually owns their own hearing aid company so you can get really good deals on your hearing aids 3di.

They offer gym membership which is silver sneakers you can always go to silver sneakers calm you put your zip code in there and i’ll tell you on a map which gyms take silver sneakers and it’s really nice because they’re mostly 24-hour fitness is and what not I’m the 24-hour nurse line you know most companies have this but what I really like about our 24-hour her slang is you really need to have actually not have used it which to say it’s a Saturday I and you’re not feeling good you know if you should maybe you don’t know if you should go to the emergency room or the quick hair so you call them up and they’ll tell you where to go it was just say you go to the hospital when they tell you the nurses go to the hospital and you’re not admitted to the hospital well now you have a back up that says in the file that hey I was so go told by a nurse to go to the hospital so that way you want to pay the claims because remember if you go to a hospital sometimes you’re not really admitted even though you’re under observation and you’re gonna have to pay for that that’s a little trick that the hospitals are dealing nowadays um the downside you should always know about the downside of any products it isn’t hmm so if you don’t want to go see primary care physicians to get a referral this prion or any other plan is not for you the upside is when you do stick with the plan and you work the plank the way you’re supposed to meaning you see providers your primary care first and get referrals you’re going to save a lot more money and how to costs expenses and again take advantage of our free mobile service where we come to you we explain all your different options we go everything and find a plan is going to fit your needs not your neighbors needs or friends needs but something is going to fit you your doctors and medications thank you very much for target folks


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