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Telstra Customer Review

Beck’s (Mobile Wifi 4g Device)

Hi, I’m Beck, I’m a mother of teeth and I’ve been checking the Telstra Wi-Fi 4G device, I’ve heard about Telstra Wi-Fi before, but I’ve never used it um it came in a small box and a quick easy booklet on how to connect and he did it in seconds on the screen a password appears, we just add that in a new connection on your computer anyway we will go to the south coast and we will take the Telstra 4G device with us and it will help us occupy the Children while they have nothing to do during the day, they will obviously be playing, but the Telstra 4G device will be very useful at night just before going to bed families enjoyed using the album of the device on my partner, they even took it in the train and you stopped on the way to work. Although we are out of town, it is a great reception and very quickly mothers in a place where there is no Telstra service, so it will be very useful, definitely, use it more in the future, especially on long car trips and as you.


if hello my name is manda I am a mother I work part-time and I have two daughters thereof nine and six years and I also have a husband that I have to take care of we have many activities gymnastics swimming Patman school so I am on the move long before starting to use the Telstra Wi-Fi 4G device, I had heard about mobile Wi-Fi, but in general, it was related to the connection of your other devices to your mobile phone that already had a connection, so now I had not really heard about this particular device when I got really exciting Telstra Wi-Fi 4g devices. I was looking forward to it, so I opened it right away I took a quick look at the instruction booklet that seems pretty simple, so no I don’t have to spend too much time turning it on, turning on my iPad went to the configuration, I found the new Internet connection to Choose and the password for the device is right on the first screen, so it was really easy to find. we connected it was very easy very fast so far my family a d I have been using the Telstra Wi-Fi 4G device at home and also in the backyard and when we are outside and sometimes, like today when we are in the park, the girls are going to play and I can have my iPad out and check quickly and the recipe for dinner tonight, so I can go to the stores and get the correct ingredients or quickly check my email and I feel like I’m making good use of my time now that we have become accustomed to using the Telstra The 4G Wi-Fi device to connect our multiple devices, I think it will definitely continue to use, it has been so useful and useful that it is difficult to give up if a friend is there to connect when she was out and I definitely recommend the telstra Wi-Fi 4G device, for example, if I met someone for coffee at a coffee shop or something, I would ask them to take out their phone and try taran, you’re just connected because it doesn’t take any time, then they’ll see how easy and fast you are.


Hello my name is Mel I am a mother of 2 and personal trainer I run an outdoor personal training business after home many times and I have been checking the Telstra Wi-Fi 4G device to see how it works with me when I received the device for the first time Once, I put it in the box and even without blocking the instructions, it was so easy to configure that, to configure the devices, just turn on the Wi-Fi device and the password appears that what you need is already on the screen, it automatically recognizes it On the computer or iPad or iPad mini and enter the settings, enter the password and connect automatically, mainly. I have been using it for my business and spending a lot of time outdoors with customers, so I need my laptop with me and it has been fantastic because I was able to connect online while I was out in the park with clients and show my client The nutritional information of the exercise and live online while I am outside and that has been really very useful if f the speed and coverage of the 4g Wi-Fi device are absolutely fantastic wherever I have been and about the training with clients that I have been able to connect in Line without problems when I am out of the part with a client and I ‘When using 4g to connect to the Internet on my computer, I can also connect a client on your iPad and we can both see the information together and that has been really very useful. I definitely recommend the Telstra Wi-Fi 4G device to my friends. easy to use is portable and the coverage is absolutely fantastic.


I was silent at 37. I am the mother of two 11-year-old and two dear and a half children and I am pregnant waiting for another baby waiting here. Yes, I will recommend the test of the hajji device to all my friends because it is fast and easy when I first received it, but I was so excited that I immediately opened the box, but maybe I think it’s going to be difficult to sit down, but I read and realized that it was so easy, so I don’t turn it on, turn on my iPod and that’s it, I just put the password and I begin to navigate the coverage, it is incredible, it is very fast, I can go out and go with my key to my children in the park, we go to the beach and have fun and I continue to connect and do not lose any information. I do my things online and it’s good that we don’t really have access to personal emails to third parties, so I went out for lunch. I had to quit the job, it was really good super fast, it’s really good, so I love it because when I’m out with the kids I come to do my things and I don’t need to wait to go back home because I’m starting online, so now I recommend it to a friend and she says yes, let me know if it works and I will bite it, so I will ask my husband that buying for Christmas today is really good and even with the school of mothers they saw that I took it and oh, It’s really good, can I connect my Jeep to sew and I’m going to ask my husband to buy one for the house, yes it’s very good.

Telstra Product Review’s

Telstra TV – December 2019

This month for Phoenix enthusiast puts a happy face on Jota, we watch Stan’s original series, the comment we have about the Christmas spirit on Netflix and Guy Pearce stars in a new sandy version of A Christmas Carol. Hi guys, it’s Ryan and me. I am Janet and this is what you are watching on Telstra’s television that comes to Stan this Christmas day. It is Stan’s innovative original series, The Commons, with a lady as your injection before or after a tea. This is something new in the not too distant future. The winner of the Golden Globe and Downton Abbey star Joanne Froggatt plays Edie, a talented neuropsychologist desperate to conceive of a child living through catastrophic storms that increase forest fires and drought. witness, but the changing world is also interfering with her ability to have a child along with Shay played by Ryan core, a fellow geneticist of her husband played by David Lyons sh We are forced to explore ethically questionable methods to bring a baby into the world.

 Broadcast the eight episodes of the original series The Stand, The Commons on Christmas Day, as part of the summer line of Stan’s completely new original productions.

You know the best thing about the disaster is that you can clean it, fix your festive chair with six new Christmas movies that are now broadcast on Netflix, do you think anything happens? So yes, the co-creator of Despicable comes to the clouds, wait, wait, wait, that’s how you love Justin Davis and brought Lowe’s Darin’s vacation to the wild bitch.

 You have a little Christmas joy. We return to Aldo here for a Christmas compliment to the real baby. I don’t know Vanessa Hudgens Falls at night before Christmas, so beans discover the meaning of family in a hurry on vacation and we start the party by letting it snow a sketch of the creator of Peaky Blinders comes one more version Dark of a Christmas classic with the three Episodes and miniseries a Christmas carol broadcast from December 23 in Fox Hill now you look at evil, but you did it based on the timeless tale of Charles Dickens.

 Guy Pearce plays Scrooge, a ruthless stingy visited on Christmas Eve by the ghosts of Christmas past and present. Andy Serkis plays one of those Specter that confronts Scrooge face to face. with the choices he has made that have caused the suffering of those around him, which gives him a disturbing vision of what life could be if he doesn’t change his ways.

 Scrooge finally becomes a better man full of the spirit of Christmas. I do not like riddles is not a game Emma Nisa scourge delve into the history of sandy origin behind Batman’s arch-nemesis in one of the most commented movies of the year Joker available kneeling day at the box office TV toaster Arthur I have some bad news for you this is the last time we will see each other, do not listen, dear Joaquin phoenix gives an outstanding performance like Arthur flack, rental clown per day who spends his nights taking care of his bedridden mother while dreaming ng of a day becoming a stand-up comedian who suffers from a mental condition that makes him laugh uncontrollably at inappropriate times that is bullied by street children beaten by thugs in the subway and generally fired as a widow, but as his misfortune increases Arthur finally He is pushed to a breaking point unleashing a torrent of violence in a city that is already on the verge of chaos. I think this is fun, just a joke for you. One little thing, yes, when you take me out, can you introduce me as Joker send? in the clown all this and more available right now on Telstra TV until the next time you’re happy.

Telstra Locator

What is Telstra locator a new subscription service that helps you locate the things that matter most to you by attaching a Telstra locator tag to your valuables you can use the Telstra locator app to help find them you can also locate compatible smartphones and tablets from the app each Telstra locator tag connects to different elements of the Telstra locator network including the new Bluetooth locator community and parts of the Telstra Air Wi-Fi network small and lightweight the Bluetooth tag is perfect for your keys or wallet and uses the Bluetooth locator community to update your tags approximate last location whereas the addition of Wi-Fi technology in the Wi-Fi tag means more frequent location updates water-resistant and rechargeable this tag is perfect for pets bikes and other valuables using the Telstra locator app you’ll be able to locate your tags smartphones and tablets view the previous location updates in the history of you and ring your tag when you’re close locate what matters to you most with Telstra locator to learn more visit slash locator.

Telstra Tv 3rd Generation Review

Hello guys and welcome back to damn today we are going to do a complete review of the third generation of Telstra TV, so everything in the review will tell you some of the applications that are compatible, which is a bit disappointing, as its 10 or billions of dollars.

 so like Amazon Prime and much more, but first of all we will only show you the cables on the back and what port it said is missing, which is a bit annoying, so obviously you got your Internet, you got your HDMI and your micro USB micro sd you have your antenna and your power, but what they lack here, which is a bit disappointing is an optical cable to have your audio, so if you want a really good surround sound, you will have to run a haich-d my audio in its amplifier, which is a bit disappointing that an optical port that they used to have here, I believe in the second generation and the first generation, and don’t count on me, then on the side we have a USB so you can plug it in and if you have some movies online there or just some photos you can also watch them so you can play them through I think it’s the Roku player that will show you a little later and all kinds of things Frank, you have Telstra TV and this light pa r will flash if there is no network connection, so if you do not get any network connection, you know that it is not connecting to any Wi-Fi and, on the back or side, we also have a roku tag and then there is nothing else Then, on the front of the box, here is your Telstra logo on the back, you only have a small reset button and toast the model number here, so everything is fine there with the box and then with the remote control, obviously, you just muted the volume of your power supply and everything else is the same, except for voice recognition, you also have voice recognition, which we will also show you a little and I give you my personal opinion about it and I show you how everything works, although that is basically everything out there, so I turn to the TV and, basically, I already set it up, they want to see the configuration video that I have.

 link below, so first of all, what we are going to talk about is that they are not compatible with Maps, which is super annoying, as I said before, it will be a general access, so it is not compatible and you do not have Amazon Prime either that if you want to know Miss in Prime what did you get a subscription with those, you will not see Amazon Prime, which is a bit disappointing, so there are two applications if they are not compatible and may come in the future but at the moment they do not they are but if you are buying this ox for the port of Karis it has that, so this box will have chaos since Foxtel now netflix and has all your free applications to use, so if you want seven plus nine now and all that in This box will support it, so let’s go to TV and basically show you some of the features and show the start so that the revision of the door on the home screen is not different from this second generation to take that into account, so that ah now it’s on television, so now we’re in the TV and I hope you understand me a little better because we have a bit of a microphone for this, so first of all, we will show you the voice function that we will briefly show you again so you can have a look now I will show you why I don’t like it now at the beginning I was oh yes, it’s a very good idea but it’s not really good at all, for example, if I asked you to play like a stranger it won’t, it will be a bad thing, just tell me a little about that and part of the cast it contains, and then they will tell me what to play my Netflix now, I will only show you what I mean at the moment, this could be an update in the future, but the fact is that if they do it is something else, so That is due to voice recognition, so first we say we play strange things, I sure found some options for that.

 Do this so that you think that Netflix would open and start playing it, but now, basically, you should click out of these options here, so if you want to become things just click here and basically have the options per week and what are the seasons available and this is where it is available and is in 4k now I like that feature now that it is a great feature but I would like the feature if you say play it if you just say weirder things, open it but no matter what you say, you need to say weirder things play weirder things see strange things will still take you to this menu of successful actors, but what is quite strange if we leave This, for example, only says that Telstra TV does not know any information about a particular movie, so I did it a few weeks ago, we will see if this has been updated.

 I searched the bird box now and I told him that television had no information about it. let’s just see what happens, look at the bird box, no problem, I will play it now because Telstra TV does not have information to place automatically, so you would think well if you ask a certain TV program if it is available in one of the applications like Stan Netflix um you expected to play it, but no, it’s no less.

 Telstra TV has no information about the movie, so it is strange and it is a bit disappointing with that, of course, it does other things, so if you press and hold the microphone you can tell it to pause, it can rewind and so on with the remote So that’s basically voice recognition.

 I’m not going to get too into a part that I really don’t like and voice control. Voice recognition. Voice control.

 It’s not really my thing, it would be better if I really did what you asked him to do. I would do, for example, if you said watch something, so if you wanted to watch a certain movie, for example, I can watch MKR about this, so let’s ask us to see that, now we’ll see what happens, look MKR sure we are going and I’m not sure what is done here, so I don’t even know what is there there hahaha yes so sometimes you can do that, but Gus does other things, for example, if you want to open an application, I’m pretty sure you should say that the launch instead of opening would give Netflix a chance, don’t worry, now there’s no problem, so no matter what you say you can say, launch, not open, it really won’t matter, but you can’t open it, select it, so whatever application you have, basically, you can ask it to open, which is pretty good, so basically voice control and I just want to show you a little bit about that and how everything works, obviously, now we’re going to go to the categories here, not really to the categories, but they got a live search at home so they can search for a movie There you have my applications and you have the App Store and the configuration, so that’s the best, all now, with the applications talking so well, there’s not much you can really download in the App Store, yes, so no There is a lot at all.

A bit disappointed with the selected applications that have but have g ot Netflix and you have to fostonia 9 now 7 plus I see and the good bunch of other things you can use even if they have Plex so if you know how to use Plex and you have things in Plex that you want to use it, you can configure it right there and they have I Heart Radio and that is basically all that is new, they lack access to the tunnel, so it is important when they need to add access to the channel, it would be great and even Amazon Prime would be a great Amazon video I think it’s great now, I’m not sure, yes, I think it’s an excellent main video, yes, so you need to add a Prime video because that’s pretty good, I’m going to get the main video and there is a lot of great content there and I think there are some exclusive originals in the main video that would be great if we could access them on your Telstra TV, so now what we are going to show you is that we are going to show you take a look at the homepage, so we’ll take a quick look, so basically, under my apps, what I’ll give you here will tell you what you’ve been using recently, so think Netflix was the last application we actually use and That’s basically the difference, these are all you really have installed again if you want to see every application you have installed, basically just go to my applications, these are all the applications you have in a store and it tells you exactly how many you have and that it’s 14, so we go back to the home page and then you have as children on Telstra TV and this should be combined I think Netflix probably Telstra’s box office will tell aa the TV box office right there ‘I guess he does that and he knows if I click on something, he should tell me where it will be available, so some of them are really available, so he actually combines it with all the applications in telstra TV, which is pretty good, then you got Netflix, so basically this is also great, you also have to keep watching your trends and things like that, they showed you a lot of TV toasters and then appeared in our second plus and now watch shows online, so it’s pretty cool and fast, easily scroll through a lot of entertainment you might want to see. 10 play so you can move easily and then you have Fox telling you now that you don’t, you don’t even need to have these applications installed to appear, they will appear anyway, I’m pretty sure it’s correct because I don’t even think I have an Alexa 10 game installed, let’s take a look, I do it, for example, we’re just going to uninstall ‘just to verify this article and, in case I said something that wasn’t going to be there, I’m pretty sure it was still pop park if we uninstalled an application, so we just removed Foxtel, so I’ve done all that and we’ll head down.

 I’m pretty sure it appears. If it is okay. I only check twice in case it is wrong, so even if you don’t have these applications installed, it will appear below, you have some options, so obviously you can unlink your voice, which we will show you how to do it and, basically, that will show you in another article that will be published this week on Tuesday and basically what you can control your Telstra TV with your Google home now. Not sure if I have this connected.

 Or we will try a little. I may have it connected, but I’m not sure, hey, Google Telstra TV launches Netflix, that’s fine, so that’s not the warning you give it again.

 We may not have what we have done as what we did but we shouldn’t because I’m pretty sure what you have to say to what you’re going to say hey Google Telstra TV at home, yes, that’s fine, so I have to have that duck link, but I will show you how to do it in a later article is great because what you can do you can ask Google, for example, to open Netflix, it will do it for you on Google the home doesn’t matter what Google home you have, so it will do what is amazing, but one thing it won’t do if you ask it to play and lose space on Netflix, it won’t open, it loses space on Netflix so that it is a bit disgusting.

 I did some tests with him, but he still doesn’t do everything you want him to do, especially if you want to open Netflix or play a certain TV show on Netflix. I will reproduce anything in general, I do not think I can do that again, we will do a full proof of that tomorrow, so we will make a complete proof of that and I hope you liked that article.

 just keep scrolling, yes, so that’s all down here and if you don’t want the live TV to appear, you can basically disable what we’re just going to leave for now and we only have backups at the top. not through Telstra and you have bought the Telstra TV, but you are through Optus or a different operator, keep in mind what I have shown you now, all this here will not have access to ok, it will not allow you to use it or it could even move through it unless you are a Telstra customer now it may not really have to be connected to a Telstra broadband.

 Telstra’s civic broadband basically all you need to do is link the Tasha to an account Telstra and from there to access this function on live TV, you just have to have a Telstra mobile broadband Telstra broadband or basically just make our Telstra access point probably Telstra mobile phone and you can access this menu, but you will need a Telstra connection to access this and to life, so keep in mind that it is a bit annoying if I have done it, which makes it exclusive, some things exclusive to Telstra customers Yes, so on live TV they show you a bit about that, now things can go wrong, we will just try to open this, we just verify that the antenna is plugged in, so I normally charge the ball, but I’m in bad condition each area, surely again maybe if we go to t hat because I have been on the interruption area we will have a big problem loading the TV So open the TV Guide, the fact is that if you are going to respond is something else, you will not have this problem again if you do not have problems in each area, we apologize for all that and know that we are in a quality orange zone Internet, so we cannot get the best, so this is what can happen and, in reality, we cannot show you that in this article because we are in an area of ​​interruption, so I apologize for that, but that it’s something we can’t show you, so now you have to search, so you can basically search a lot of things now, obviously, this has looked for when I asked about MKR, I don’t know why he did it, but that’s basically what he found there so you can scroll down and watch some other movies. I will show you where it is available, so if we click on the Jurassic world, it should show us where it is available, so the valve in Foxtel now and HD or you can buy it. from $ 14.99, so you can do that too, so we go back to that, basically that is the search function, not much you can really do it there and obviously you get my applications here so you can see the ones I showed before now again I received a comment on my channel asking if you can make that ad smaller and unfortunately I haven’t found a way to do it, so I’m pretty sure you can’t make these ads smaller and basically, in the configuration there isn’t much I can To do here, you obviously have your network, but if you want to configure the amplifier and scan your remote control, first of all if you want to control your TV with the remote control, you basically just want to go to this setting here and want to start configuring your TV with the control remote, so you only want to go to that setting if you want to control the volume and turn off your TV, you want to go to that setting n right there if you want to scan your channels, basically, you want interests here, I am skiing here and this will start to find all your new channels and we will look for it to give you a chance to see if we can find something, but I have a feeling that we will not find anything in Absolutely, but this is how you scan your channels and, as you can see, it is actually moving quite fast, there is no signal in my area at this moment, you would think that I would do it because I really have there is a fairly large antenna outside but there is no signal around, I will only give a little to see if I can show you that function live because it is actually quite You can take a look at the guide, you can also pause for up to 30 minutes, so that’s really great, I’ll show you that, but if we can’t get to that, I apologize for all that, so I’ll wait a few more seconds, as normal as it is slow, which means that it is actually finding channels, so it is possible that it is finding something pink well and then the last thing we will show you is that I do not have a USB stick to have.

 I don’t have any movies, but we will show you where you can play all your videos if you have a USB, even a micro SD, you are pretty sure that you can also use this and if you have it you can connect to your local network and play your videos or just watch your photos, which will show you that in a minute, that’s fine, so we’ve found and we think there are no channels, it’s fine, it’s pretty bad, it’s okay, we apologize for that, but you can’t get any channels in my area, so we used to be able to get them, but now we can’t do what we are going to do now is go to I think I have the application installed well, we will only find the application there, in the end it is fine, so it is the Roku media player what is this so you can Open this application and, basically, if you have videos on your local network, you can watch them, even if you have thunder that I connected to your Roku and throw your TV, you can also play this now, that’s our door link there, so that’s our Telstra gateway now if I had a hard drive connected, for example, if I had enabled sharing, I could access any video I had on that hard drive if I had the router to share it now I don’t really have anything connected to that, so we’ll see now what he’s doing here, now this is picking up my computer, so because I have my Gateway he tells my computer he’ll take a movie and obviously there’s nothing there, but he can pick up what’s on your computer and these are only files, but there is no cure, but yes, you can configure your computer as a shared resource with the network and it should appear under the Telstra gateway depending on what your wife’s name is and we call it things you got from Netgear, I should say Nikki as a gateway for everything to be there too, then go to the settings, take a drill some things here and there, this is how you can get music, photos, videos and movies, and if you don’t want connect a USB or something on your Roku or Telstra TV simply connect it to your router and you can share it between all your devices with your router if you connect to the same Wi-Fi network, it is a great place to put your photo things that Roku Telstra has TV and you can easily share those photos quickly and watch them directly on any device that allows you to share this, so anything that has a media player should be able to access your files with your local network shared in Telstra or any network in a So I think Gate are Nikki and I do. I’m not sure of many others, but I’ve tried it on Nikki and I know it works, so that’s basically all Kia and there’s not much else I can be sure of.

 I’m pretty sure I’ve shown everything here and yes, now we’re just going to talk about some things that are a bit annoying with the Telstra TV that you can already know, but I’ll tell you guys anyway, first One of them is that if You scroll through the menu very fast and make a backup of what you are doing, it will happen crazy and sometimes it will freeze so much that you really need to disconnect the Telstra it can freeze if you’re really fast with the box, so keep that in mind if you’re comparing this to the Apple TV.

 I have not really had any problem with the freezing of Apple TV, so it is something you might want to consider. It matters, but television can freeze occasionally if you’re really fast with that, so keep that in mind now, I never get a bonus with Telstra TV, which is really a big advantage if you’re a Telstra TV box office fan. the way forward because it’s not just about getting a credit of one hundred and twenty-four dollars, so a credit of one hundred and twenty-four dollars can go to rent or your favorite hit movies right there so you can start the rental collection of your movies Favorites start buying some movies that you might want to buy at the Telstra TV box, so I don’t think the Telstra TV box office is available on Apple TV.

 I don’t think it’s available on any media player, so it definitely turns on. The Telfer doesn’t think it’s available on the Fox phone.

 Anyway, my box is definitely valuable. I know that the only other places I know that are available are obviously your Android iOS and things like that.

 I don’t think it’s just other smart devices, my Smart TV. but on their website it doesn’t say it’s something I wanted to tell you, so if you’re a Telstra TV box fan of us, Telstra TV is the way to go, so yes, that’s all right, yes, I hope I’ve given you a Little idea if I missed something, let us know below and I apologize if I’m missing the stomach you wanted me to mention, but I’m pretty sure that’s all in the video and I only see now because we don’t have channels.

 You will get this option right now, of course, if you cannot get free channels, you can basically disable this annoying thing by clicking on it, we will disable that function and it appears and that way you will not get that annoying thing that the Lie rescanning will tell you so yes, that’s basically everything in the article.

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