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Synchrony Bank Phone Number

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  • 855-875-1850

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Care Credit Customer Support
  • Account Management            # 1-866-893-7864
  • New Account Opening            # 1-800-677-0718
Saving Products
  • New and Existing Account      # 1-866-226-5638

Business Account

Normal Business
  • Valued Customer                    # 1-800-333-1082
  • Prospective Partner                # 1-866-838-0655
Health Care Provider
  • Existing                                   # 1-800-859-9975
  • New                                        # 1-800-300-3046      

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What is Synchrony Bank

Hi, I’m Adam Jusko from and in this review, I will answer the question “who is Synchrony Bank? So we will answer that question, but before doing.

So, I would ask you to subscribe to our YouTube channel if you have not already done so. done and if you have done so, I thank you for doing so. Then Synchrony Bank is the bank that issues many popular retail store credit cards, including Walmart, The Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Lowe’s, PayPal credit cards, TJ Maxx, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and is also the issuer behind Care Credit financing, so if you ever received funding from your dentist for something with your teeth or had LASIK or other eye procedures or sometimes veterinarians they use for the procedures that should be done to your pet if he has had that type of financing that could also be from Synchrony Bank. So, if he was trying to find out “when have I dealt with Synchrony Bank? And in terms of how he has treated them, many times the first time people see that name, they don’t even realize that someone else is issuing their credit card or issuing some type of financing.

So Synchrony Bank is the bank behind many of these things.

 Now Synchrony Bank also offers some regular banking services, only online, which include things like CD, high-performance savings accounts, not a lot of things, but they are one of the particular competitors in the area of ​​high savings accounts Online performance: – A bank only online, you cannot go to Synchrony Bank and deal with them that way.

 But for the most part, Synchrony Bank is known as the issuer behind credit cards and other types of financing.

 So just a little history here: Synchrony Bank used to be part of General Electric, they used to be known as GE Capital Retail Bank.

 GE Capital was a kind of General Electric’s largest financial branch, it did many different things, but essentially GE Capital Retail Bank did exactly the same thing as Synchrony Bank does now: it issued credit cards and other types of financing on behalf of other companies versus offering yours.

 GE offered its own credit cards for a while, in the past, but for the most part, they always backed someone else.

 At some point, GE essentially decided to leave the business of issuing credit cards on behalf of others in part because, although it was very profitable, it also carried a certain amount of risk and, in terms of the price of its shares, GE was a kind of worrying that having this risk in the books and essentially also having a million different businesses where he was, maybe he was hurting the price of his shares.

 So, what GE did was create the GE Capital Retail Bank, rename it as Synchrony Bank, and that’s where we are today.

 Only on a side note: GE has really made it terribly since they got rid of Synchrony Bank.

 Not necessarily because they did, but if their thinking was “we are going to get rid of this and other things and our share price are going to improve,” it didn’t work.

 So, the conclusion here is Synchrony Bank, obviously, it is a very large bank, they have the history with GE, they obviously have very large clients in terms of Walmart and all these others that I just talked about.

 So, if you are a little worried about who they are or if you think they are a night flight operation, they are not.

 They are an important credit card issuer, an important funder, but they generally do so in what they call the “private label” way of handling it.

 They are doing it for others, but they handle all the customer service, they handle all the money.

 When it comes to Walmart or Gap or whoever it is, once you have your credit card, you can use it in those stores, but those companies aren’t really dealing with the credit card or with you with that credit card.

 You’ll deal with Synchrony Bank when you deal with one of those credit cards.

 Now, one thing I want to say about Synchrony Bank is that Synchrony Bank often has terrible interest rates on its credit cards.

 He often observes interest rates that exceed 20%, often more than 25%, so this is not a company he would necessarily want to deal with if he is someone who has a habit of carrying a balance on his credit cards.

 Another thing that is something I don’t like about Synchrony Bank, something I don’t like in general in the world of finance, is that Synchrony Bank is big on 0% deals that have the potential to be what they call “deferred interest” And what that means is that you make a large purchase at one of the companies for which you issue the credit card, they grant you zero percent financing whenever you pay your bill in six months or 12 months or whatever.

 But what happens is that, in small print, it says: “If you do not pay the full balance within that promotional period, you will be charged interest on the full purchase from the date of purchase.

 So, what that essentially means is, if It even goes if you arrive even one day after that 12-month promotional period and you have five dollars left that you did not pay, you will suddenly be charged all interest on the full purchase from the day you made that purchase.

 it’s kind of a little furtive thing.

 I mean, obviously, it makes sense, if they gave you that offer and you took it, then they have the ability to do it, but it’s something hidden in the fine print and that’s something we really don’t like In fact, Walmart really changed the way your credit card works so that that is no longer something that people can do — they would no longer offer that kind of financing, probably because that bothered people when they found out, However if you see SYNCB on your credit report or suddenly realize that you are a Synchrony Bank customer and cannot understand how that could have happened, Synchrony Bank obviously has as a credit card issuer for another store with which you have a credit card or maybe some other type of financing for which Synchrony Bank is the sponsor.

Expert Advice


Take a marker, the best advice I have received is to focus on building a long-term generational wealth game. I worked for a very prominent real estate family and when we drove down Fifth Avenue, I wasn’t touring because they were doing it. I was checking the assets that they got from their family and that they would transmit in my communities, we didn’t grow up with that kind of mentality, so that day I decided that I would build a company that would create generational wealth, my name is John Henry and I are partners in Harlem Capital, which is a risk company that has the mission of changing the face of entrepreneurship. We invest in women and minority entrepreneurs. They are founders crazy enough to think they can change the world and we are crazy enough to believe that only 2% of all risk funds go to women and minorities and we saw a great opportunity to invest in these founders, so I come from a family of immigrants and that has shaped the rest of my life and in a family of immigrants you are expected to know that I contribute financially to the house from the beginning, so I got a job as a janitor. I often say that opening doors for people helped me open doors. particular resident who taught me about the value of time and said John, it doesn’t matter how many times you open that door or it doesn’t matter how many times you smile behind that desk, your ability to win is limited because what you do is per hour Once I understood the value of time, I decided to put myself at risk and put things in my hands as an entrepreneur, invest in assets, is when you can decouple your ability to earn money if you are not happy with your situation.

 so go hard right now, this is the time to change it, get your super lean overhead and I can’t emphasize the importance of that when your overhead is lean, which frees up your capital to invest in yourself so you can learn more skills to invest in other assets and with that, feel free to make mistakes, make mistakes, invest in yourself and your ability to win and, finally, find your passion and once you discover that you are going with everything.


taking a marker for the best advice I received was studying finance I didn’t know anything about money management I didn’t know anything about saving and investing in the budget, but studying finance and learning those basic money skills that I learned would need for my personal life for my career for my family.

 I mean, if I didn’t have that, I wouldn’t be where I am today. My name is Jeff Rose. I am a certified financial planner, so my father always wants me to go. to the university and because he left the university, I followed in his footsteps and left the university, my mother got me a job to enter data in her corporation and I did it eight hours a day hating the life of all my friends. to college doing amazing things and here I was stuck in a cubicle when I realized that I had to do something different to change my life, so I joined the Army National Guard, joining the Guard was something that helped me to realize that there is something better for me so joining the army was good because they made me go to university to get my degree, but it didn’t help me with my finances, it turned out that I was borrowing when it wasn’t necessary because the army was paying for my school, so the next thing I know is that I have a debt of $ 30,000 for still graduating and now I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to dig. I even started my first job, so my father had trouble handling money with it throughout his life, but the only thing he told me was that the best advice he gave me was to study finance and, in doing that, all the bad habits I had begun to understand that these are bad financial habits and I began to make them good. I began to learn how to manage money and budget and save and invest. I always tell people not to be complacent about their finances. You have to know what is happening. I ask you to spend hours and hours going deeper. You know in every little thing but you only have a general understanding of what is happening with your money. I remember meeting with this couple. They arrived there in the early 60s and wanted to retire. They know they were tired of working. They had difficult jobs working overtime and they came and had everything. their statements, all their documents and when I looked at everything they had, it was difficult to tell them, but they couldn’t leave, they just had nothing saved and I clearly remember that they told me that the two regrets they had were that they didn’t start saving before and they didn’t keep it, which became my mission to make sure that my family, my friends, any of my eventual blog readers, who wouldn’t do that, would start saving earlier and start saving more and simply not being a denial about finances.

Customer Reviews


Saving is for my children, it is definitely something I have in mind when I am saving money. My husband and I had to step back and analyze our expenses and adjust things accordingly so that we still had money to save our savings. goals we had a number that we knew we needed to do that month and whatever additional thing we would simply put in our synchronized account we knew it was safe, we knew we could access it when we needed it, it had the highest interest rates, that’s why we definitely chose it better than all the other banks and that’s the best thing about the synchrony is the fact that it’s there, but it’s out of your mind, you’re not, you’re not thinking about it, so I’m not tempted to try using any of that money.


What is most present in my mind right now is the graduate school and the immediate expenses associated with you know that spending a lot of time in school and synchronization is the place where I would like to put money so that I managed to put something like 20 or 30 Percentage of my income in savings while still paying for school and expenses and things that were important to me. The first thing I’m going to look for with a savings bank is definitely the interest rate that I won’t keep. money elsewhere than an investment account, unless you pay a decent amount of interest. I like to organize my savings so I don’t have to constantly think about it. I don’t want to sit there managing many investment accounts. set up an automatic transaction that puts money in a smart place so that I don’t have to constantly worry about that, that’s what led me to synchronize initially, it’s just a very stable constant investment.

One More Review

So, when we found synchrony, we were looking for flexibility, easy online access and something that would simply simplify our lives before opening an account, I verified it with customer service just to get an idea of ​​what the bank was and felt very comfortable With the results I obtained if I want to see how my accounts work, I log in to my phone and it is really easy to verify my balance and my interest that I have accumulated as I tell my friends at the work I am hearing, if necessary, you must open a savings account, this is the large amount you want to do it with, they have the best interest rate and I just tell you that you know I did the research for you, it’s crazy how fast you can add when you don’t think about that when you just you are saving money, it is growing for us without us having to do anything, they are reliable, they are useful and every transaction I have had with them has gone according to plan or better, as I feel safe and comfortable with my money synchronized.

Synchrony Bank Customer Care Team Review

I have been synchronized for about three years. I have worked here for six years, eleven years. I was here for less than a year. I originally came part-time and was only going to stay here a year because I wanted to appease my mother and then, 20 years later, I’m still here because I loved what I was doing before in restaurants, so I expanded on what I was doing at the time. and I wanted to try something new and I had heard a lot of good things about Synchrony at the time I entered for the interview and met the people and saw the surrounding area some people laughing and laughing and smiling really enjoying their work. I knew I would have to come here and work here. The culture here is different, this is more family-oriented. more at home, the work environment is very friendly, I spend time with people every day that I don’t necessarily know personally, but I always receive a warm smile, hello, it’s a very open environment, no matter your race, religion, sexual orientation or nothing, and it’s very diverse and what they allow here I love being able to help people, customers, really why we are listening when a client gives me the opportunity to help them, that is the best feeling in the world when I come to work, really I want to go to work, instead, I come to work, so if someone told me, would you know what benefits they will have to have a synchronized family? When I first came, they turned their backs on me, I was here for 60 days diagnosed with breast cancer, they took care of me, their benefits begin on the first day of affiliation, so there is no trial period with dental medical vision, your disability is short term, your long-term disability and, at the same time, you get the university tuition reimbursement once you have these only certain time I love the company I love the values ​​and the company gives you the opportunity to do not only a job but a career, we have a great administrative body that really seems eager to help I like to help associates to grow because that’s where I started to Know that I got the benefits of a manager who was very detailed and helped me grow and now I can turn around and do that for them, so it’s very gratifying that they defend their success. superior, we will make sure you have everything you need, the tools, the knowledge of everything, if you are trying to advance your career, this is the place where you want to be to get a growth value for the career value for the network community for all that school is a great thing for me to go back to college knowing that I have the support of the company here in the factory that you have the financial support, so I want to say that working for that degree is important to me. I am single. Mom, I’m 17, she’s a senior student this year, get ready to take her to school, so that’s the main reason I’m really working to establish a solid foundation for me and my family, so it’s really a better lifestyle, a healthier lifestyle for my son and those around me what I am working on is a better me and, of course, retirement.

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