Simple Mobile Customer Care Number and Users Review 2021

Simple Mobile Customer Care Number and Reviews

Dial 877.878.7908

Simple Mobile Customer Care Number and Users Review 2021

Simple Mobile Review

I would love to tell you either that we like simple mobile or that we hate it but the problem is that despite all our best efforts and multiple conversations with simple mobile.

 we’re still not quite sure how the entire thing works but we’ll get to that in just a moment first a reminder to subscribe to our channel and like this article if it’s helpful to you and if there’s anything we don’t cover in this review hit up the comments below check out the full written review also at reviews

org all right now onto simple mobile let’s dive in we like the range of plans that simple mobile provides you can get 1 2 or 6 gigabytes per month on their limited data plans or there are two unlimited plans one with hotspot capability one without so like I said there’s a good range there and probably something

that fits your needs at least in theory the limited data plans are pretty straightforward and they should be fine for someone who uses phone data pretty lightly or mostly on Wi-Fi but the unlimited plans on the other hand not so straightforward so here’s what we know like I mentioned there are two unlimited

plans one that allows for your phone to be used as a hotspot and one that does a while both are unlimited we know from reviewing other mobile providers that unlimited comes with what we usually call a soft cap a certain threshold at which a carrier will begin slowing your data speed and we couldn’t

find any info online about what that threshold might be at simple mobile so we went straight to the source and asked them the first rep told us that the system would monitor data usage and slower speeds according to its data policy we asked what that policy is and they couldn’t say the next rep told

us that there is no speed throttling which honestly would be remarkable since it would be the first time we’ve ever heard of a company doing that and I doubt that’s really the case anyway the point is that without being able to get more answers we can’t recommend the unlimited plans on offer here so stick

with the limited data plans and if you do before I forget make sure you sign up for what simple mobile calls Auto re-up which basically just automatically signs you up for the same plan the next month on a continuing basis if you do that you’ll get a discount on your plan definitely worth it and the last thing I’ll

note on simple mobile plans is that each plan comes with with unlimited internet national texting from the US so you can message away when they also have unlimited international talk but that’s only for 60 countries and you can see that list on simple’s website if you want to add a comprehensive international

plan just tack on ten bucks to your monthly plan as far as your coverage and speed I’ve got some good news and some bad news the good news is that simple mobile piggy backs on t-mobile’s network which we generally like the bad news is that piggybacking on t-mobile is not the same as having t-mobile and

the coverage outside of metro areas seems to be pretty spotty so if you’re in the city you should be okay but outside of that you may strum now then do we recommend simple mobile kind of the limited data plans at least are decent and they have a good price but without any clarity on the unlimited plans we’ll

steer you away from those if you want an unlimited data plan check out metro pcs or maybe Boost Mobile all right now if this article was helpful go give it a like and be sure to subscribe to our website and check out our other reviews both here and at reviews org thanks .

Mr. Luis Review on Simple Mobile Customer Care

my name’s louis i was born in baltimore city maryland so that’s my hometown so anyway i love the rewards program because of how generous it is i once won 4 000 points spinning the wheel big jackpot and that netted me three or four months of free service go simple mobile thank you very much peace out.

Miss Jessica Review on Simple Mobile Customer Care

jessica butler simple mobile rewards you got it saving people money oh yeah you can get enough points to pay for a full month of service that’s right check out simple mobile rewards.

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