Phone Number For Lyft

Phone Number For Lyft

Follow 3 Simple Step For Contact 24/7
  • Tap the ” Earning Tab” Option in Application Then Select Ride.
  • Tap ” Get Help” Option.
  • Then Tap ” Call Me” Option then You will Connect Lyft Team Member Within 2 Minute  
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The phone number for lyft customer service and the top reason to choose lfyt as a driver

Top 5 Reason to Drive for LYFT

Hey everyone welcome to the rideshare hub my name is Dylan and thanks so much for coming by so before I get into this article if you’re interested in being a lyft driver you want to make twenty to thirty dollars an hour and you want to get a sign-on bonus to go ahead use my link in the description now let’s get right into the Top Five Reasons to drive for lyft in 2019 you know we are heading into the new year so I thought it’d be fitting you know but obviously you can start driving whenever you know you don’t need to wait until 2019 so these reasons are gonna be probably be different than any other videos you’ve seen you know this isn’t just basic like Oh make money it’s fun you see whatever these are specific to 2019.

Reason Number 1

 Automatic cars are coming soon having this job as a rideshare driver is not gonna last forever this might be some insider info as some of you guys know

 I go to school at UC Berkeley at a small conference it was on artificial intelligence a few speakers came from different companies so one of those speakers was left and during that conference, somebody asked that engineer I think they were like head of engineering and they asked him oh you know what about automatic cars she said in five years all of lifts rides are gonna be driverless so that was in 2016 I don’t know how true that is you know it hasn’t been confirmed or anything but I do know that they are working hard all these companies are racing to driverless vehicles you have Google Apple lyft uber and Tesla as well obviously.

Reason Number 2

All right number two is start the new year off right it’s a great way to make some extra money you can start making twenty to thirty dollars an hour you can work part-time you can work full-time you want to make an extra twenty thousand dollars per year maybe an extra thirty thousand dollars per year you’re currently making forty thousand dollars at your job you start driving for lyft you can turn that into a sixty or seventy thousand dollar salary a great way to build wealth is to diversify your income you know maybe you’re already making $60,000 you can drag for lyft you can make close to a hundred for me driving for lyft is a great way to pay off debt that was the reason why I first started driving I had a credit card debt and I a loan on my car so I wanted to pay that off as quick as possible and lyft helped me to do that you know just driving part-time on top of my other job.

Reason Number 3

Is that right now you know heading into 2019 the rideshare industry is bigger than ever in my opinion 2019 and 2020 will be the biggest years in the rideshare industry and it’s only going up as I mentioned in a previous video lyft just filed for their IPO entering into the public stock market next month in January I don’t know if you guys follow stocks but that’s huge they’re gonna be the first rideshare company to enter their IPO and uber is heading for their IPO as well they’re gonna be doing it next year so right now in 2019 this is specific because lyft and uber they’re gonna start doing all these extra incentives for the driver and we are already seeing that with uber Pro offering free tuition for the drivers and lyft is having these programs as well they’re gonna start doing all these extra incentives weekly bonuses it’s just gonna be really great for their drivers heading into their IPO because I want to keep their stock price very high.

Reason Number 4

 All right reason four try something new maybe this is a little bit out of your comfort zone maybe you’ve thought about driving for lyft maybe just watch these lyft videos and you know you’re considering being a driver I’ll have to try something new you know I’ve talked to a lot of people and you know they say oh it’s not really for me I don’t want passengers in my car trust me that’s the same way I thought when I first started being a driver I was like I don’t want to take people in my own personal car after I started driving it was literally like fun I don’t know I I looked forward to driving as you know you see you meet all these you never know you’re gonna meet might meet some really cool interesting people if you drive during the day it’s super safe I’ve never had any issues I’d say just go out and go for it try something new I mean if you’re driving part time you want to increase your numbers why not make an extra $10,000 a year $20,000 a year.

Reason Number 5

Number five is meet new people driving for lyft is a great way to meet new people meet people in your own community network with other people for me you know it’s great way to network my youtube channel maybe you’re working on a business so you can use uber and lyft as a way to advertise a business that you’re working on on the side also for me this just goes and with meeting new people I love talking with people and I love learning when you’re talking and meeting all these different people it’s really a great way to develop your communication skills I have developed my communication skills so much from driving for lyft I would have never just started having a random conversation with a stranger it’s kind of weird in our day and age days start you know we were just sitting I don’t know how to restaurant or at a cafe and you just start talking to somebody like it doesn’t really happen anymore you know everyone’s on their phones but when you have passengers coming to your car it’s kind of this unique experience where you get to share a moment with somebody for like 5-10 minutes sometimes you’re like an hour and you really get to learn stuff about people it’s like this weird networking experience that it doesn’t really exist anywhere else sure you might go to a networking event for like business leaders or like for your job for your course but there’s not really this whole space for like you know you’re picking up somebody who’s you know a bigwig got some company or you’re picking up somebody who works out a restaurant or you’re picking up somebody who’s also a driver you know you’re just meeting all these different people and it it’s it’s crazy I think it’s super amazing super fun and for me you know I’m like way more into just meeting random people now you’ll find me going up to random people or not you know not just like you know going okay that’s not a little weird but if I’m sitting next to somebody and I see a book that they’re reading I’ll be like oh hey that’s a cool book what it what’s it about you know and you’d be surprised people love talking people love meeting you so guys those are my five top five reasons my personal top five reasons you might have some other ones of the being a lift driver in 2019 so thanks so much for reading this article.

I hope you enjoyed this.

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