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Overstock Customer Service Number 1 (800) 843-2446

Customer Care Number

Phone 800 843 2446
Email Customercare@overstock.com
Online Help.overstock.com

Headquarter Contact Detail

Phone 801 947 3100
Address 799 W. Colliseum Way, Midvale UT
Postal Code 84047

European Development Center

Dial +353 71 910 4200
Address Hanson Building, Calevargh Retail Part, Ireland
Postal F91 P7N2

Media Relations

Dial 801 947 3564
Email pr@overstock.com

Transfer Agent

Phone 781 575 2879
Fax 781 575 3605
Email shareholder@computershare.com
Address Computer Share Investor  
Postal Code 43023
Providence R1 02940 3023

Email Address  and Website Address

Investor Relation ir@overstock.com
Products Recall www.overstock.com/product-recalls
Board of Directors boardofdirectors@overstock.com
Recruiting career@overstock.com
Recruiting Email irelandcareer@overstock.com
Vendor Office www.overstock.com/partnet

Overstock Customer Honest Review

My name is Heather welcome to my channel and today we are going to be doing an overstock review I recently moved into a new house and had to buy all new furniture for the first time ever so I looked around in person and couldn’t really find anything that was my style so I decided to order online and I had to get a loveseat a chair a rug and a new comforter set for my bed so I will be reviewing my experience and what I think overall of the products let’s get started first of all everything was very affordable everything was already on sale and on top of that if you sign up for their newsletters.

You get all these coupons all the time so I got the comforter set for $100 which it came with the comforter the sheets the shams pillowcases and a bed skirt and I have a king-size bed as well so it was a really good deal for me so I was really happy with that it came quicker than I thought it would and it was really nice it was really cute everything it was affected to me and it looked exactly like the pictures the colors were nice it came to the next tray little row pillow that matched and everything.

I was really happy with it until I watched it which whenever I did wash it for the first time some of the design faded off in a small area I’m not sure why it’s only in that one area also whenever I watched it bunched together in the inside and so I had to like pull it back out it was really weird it’s really stiff now um maybe that was my fault for not saying they care instructions but I figured I should be able to wash my comforter good like you’re supposed to be able to wash your comforter

but it was only a hundred bucks so it’s fine you don’t even really notice that I noticed it because I was Blooking and I saw it and now I can’t unsee it but no one else is noticed so far so that’s a good thing Aleksey in my chair are actually part of the set you do have to buy it separately but you can choose to get the same or you get different ones such as to get the same material my loveseat my chair and my rug I got for 600 six dollars I ordered it on a Monday and it arrived the very next Monday which it was expected to and everything came in good condition very easy to assemble the rug is perfect I love the rug it’s so – and it’s everything that I wanted it to be the lessee the chair they’re a little firmer I don’t know if you can tell but they’re a little more firm I did want firm furniture because I wanted to be able to get out of the furniture and I knew that they would be firm because I read their reviews another thing

 I read on the reviews was that the velcro on the back of the chair and Leslie didn’t line up I didn’t have that problem the only thing I can think of is that maybe whenever these people are simple then they didn’t push the back down all the way because it lined up perfectly for me it does sound like you’re gonna break it whenever you put it together but when it’s really on there it lines up perfectly I do have a complaint about whenever I was waiting for my items to come to the rug I everything is fine I could keep up to date with the shipments it’s not really a problem with overstock more of a problem with FedEx but the rock was fine the love seat in the chair it said that they were stuck in severe weather in Canada and I didn’t get any updates for the entire week like that Monday when I ordered it I had an update and then the Monday before it was delivered and said it wasn’t Atlanta so that was weird for me I didn’t like it I didn’t think

 I was going to get it on time I was really worried about it so that is something that I was a little upset about but it came on time and everything came intact so I can’t really complain that much but that was something that did annoy me more than anything else was that I couldn’t keep up to date with the tracking when I decided to order online I was very skeptical and nervous just like if you’re watching this video and trying to figure out whether or not to order online you maybe it was a risk it really was it could have been a hit or miss and the thing I didn’t like was that I had to spend all my money upfront and then if I liked it or not you know get my money back or something luckily

 I liked everything enough to keep it oh that’s great I did really like the loveseat I really like the chair I really like the rug the bedding I loved until I washed it so everything so far has been pretty good it’s been a great experience I didn’t like that I couldn’t physically see what I was purchasing but we’re all I had a great experience with overstock I will definitely be going back to them for future purchases I’m really happy with all of my products that I got I’m really I don’t feel like it was a waste of money I’m really glad that I took the chance

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