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Dcu Customer Care Number

DCU Customer Care
DCU Customer Care Number 800 328 8797
TTY 800 395 5146
Report Stolen Credit Card 800 847 2911
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Membership Related 866 874 7820
Consumer Loan 508 263 6392
Mortgage Application 844 494 1278
Operation Department 508 263 6875
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whenever you’re going to be doing your line credit application absolutely best to start as soon as you receive your award letter these applications do take some time there’s going to be a verification process

on your own personal information there’s also an entirely separate verification process that’s going to be happening with the school and because there are so many pieces involved these things can take time so the sooner you start the better and you are able to move through as soon as you have your award letter in hand in order to qualify for this private education line of credit first and foremost is the credit criteria these are credit base Oh for you if you are the borrower or if you have a cosigner

it would be based on their credit as well now there’s also going to be a monthly income requirement that needs to be met you have to be attending qualified school oh there are nearly 2,000 schools they qualify for this program really handy list on our website that can take you through all now if you are applying with the cosigner will need to meet all of the other requirements with income specifically if the cosigner meets the income then the borrower doesn’t have to which is really common with our program because a lot of our students aren’t working so the cosigner would be meeting that income requirement because this is a credit union program you need to be a member of the credit union

┬áif you’re not a member by the time we started the application that’s okay but you will need to get that membership before any funding can be done when it’s time to actually begin the application you’re gonna start through your credit unions website because this is a credit application you’re gonna be starting with all your personal information your name your social security number

Dcu Customer Care Number

if you’ve got a cosigner they’ll be doing the same you’re also going to need to list a reference for you and your cosigner of alcohol you’re going to be listing the school that you’re attending and you’re also going to be listing the specific amount that you were requesting for this draw period because this is a line of credit structure it’ll automatically default to a total amount and then you will specifically request how much you want for fall and spring of this year so once you’ve hit the credit approval point now it’s time to submit all the documentation to verify the application information the easiest and fastest way to get this in is going to be through your my account portal there are convenient links right there on that page you select what you want to upload you can add those documents electronically and they’re sent directly off for processing if you don’t have access to that or having trouble with it FAQs and emails always possible but definitely uploading directly through your my account is the fastest way to make it happen once all your documents have been verified the final step and your funding process is school certification this is where we’re actually sending all the information you input over to your school someone in the financial aid office verifies the information and sends it back to us either approving exactly what was sent altering potentially the amounts the disbursement periods or potentially even denying now the school certification is based on the cost of attendance with your school and they compare that with what you input and all the other financial aid that you’ve already received school certification depending on the time of year can take different amounts of time if you’re attending a very large school and you’re going through this process and summer August’s especially into September those financial aid offices get really overwhelmed and it can take time for that to happen another really great reason to start early if at all possible funds will be disbursed directly to your school the financial aid office will get it they’ll process they’ll apply directly to any outstanding balances you have for tuition anything that’s left over will be disbursed to you from the school directly.

Tips for Buying a Home – Dcu Customer Care Number

Tips for first-time home buyers buying a home can be exciting and a little overwhelming all at the same time especially if you’re a first-time home buyer so DCU has some tips to help guide you through the process number one get pre-qualified for your mortgage then you’ll know exactly how much you can afford before you start looking and the seller will have more confidence in accepting your offer to get pre-qualified have your most recent tax returns w-2s pay stubs and bank statements handy while you don’t need these documents to apply for a mortgage you will need them for verification during the loan process to choose the right mortgage today you have a lot of options sense for you 3 plan for your down payment closing costs and prepaid items to get a home mortgage you’ll be required to make a cash down payment usually 3 to 20 percent of the homes full purchase price it’s also important to plan for closing costs and other prepaid items because these could add up to a few thousand dollars closing costs includes such items as application fees attorney fees title insurance appraisal fee and recording fees prepaid items are costs like property tax escrow homeowners insurance and prepaid interest for make a list of your must-haves maybe it’s the number of bedrooms a two-car garage or a master bath decide what’s most important to you as this will help you find a home that’s perfect for you five start looking early house hunting takes time so try to start looking up to six months in advance of when you’d like to move into your new home and finally set aside some move-in money for new furniture painting or maybe a new appliance it’s part of the excitement of moving into a new home so to sum up get pre-qualified choose the right mortgage plan for your down payment closing costs and prepaid items.

Mortgage Term & Condition to Know – Dcu Customer Care Number

When you’re buying a home the mortgage process has its own vocabulary in this video we’ll share some of these important terms with you know them before you get started will help you better understand the information that’s being discussed throughout your own mortgage process the first step in the home buying process is typically the pre-qualification which is an initial review of your mortgage application to determine how much you can afford to borrow most Realtors prefer that you get pre-qualified before you start shopping so they know you can afford the homes

You’re considering and have financing options in place another term is piti an acronym for principal interest taxes and insurance the four components of a typical taxes this is the monthly amount required for your property taxes insurance this is the monthly payment for your homeowners insurance premium PMI stands for private mortgage insurance it’s required if your down payment is less than 20% of the home’s value the monthly premium amount would be added to your monthly loan payment some lenders may offer lender paid mortgage insurance options escrow this is a separate account set up by the lender to hold the money to pay your property taxes required if you put less than 20% down the debt-to-income ratio or DTI is the percentage of your gross income needed to pay your debts

like housing payments car payments credit card payments and other recurring expenses, it helps your lender evaluate your ability to afford the monthly mortgage payment LT V stands for loan to value the ratio of the amount of money borrowed over the value of the home expressed as a percentage the difference between these two numbers is the amount of your down payment or equity in the home to calculate your LTV divide your loan amount by the home’s appraised value or purchase price whichever is less the loan estimate or le is a disclosure you get after applying for a mortgage disclosure or CD this disclosure gives you the final details about your mortgage terms projected monthly payments and final fees and other costs familiarizing yourself with the mortgage terms.

Dcu Customer Care Number Auto Loans

it’s the small things like knowing the engine will start when you’re running late or the AC will work when the windows don’t before we built up our credit we couldn’t get a loan for a reliable car so we learned to expect the unexpected but after a little planning and a low rate from DC you now we’ve got a car we can depend on which feels like a pretty big thing what will they see.

Comparison Between Credit Union and Other Bank – Dcu Customer Care Number

what is a credit union and how is it different from a bank have you ever wondered why there isn’t a bank that puts people before profits sounds too good to be true right well actually there is a bank that puts people before profits it’s called a credit union a credit union is a financial cooperative where people come together to help each other reach their financial goals we call it people helping people credit unions are locally run by a volunteer board of directors who are members maybe even your neighbors so they care about you and your family banks on the other hand are run by a paid board of directors that answers to a small group of investors not to you most of the time the board of directors and investors of a bank don’t even live in your community credit union directors make decisions on your behalf for the benefit of all members and the credit union because credit unions are nonprofit after expenses are paid and reserves are set aside surplus earnings are returned to members in different ways such as lower interest rates on loans higher interest rates on savings and lower fees and credit unions offer more free services than banks because banks are for-profit bankers make decisions that increase their profits at your expense and they return those profits to the investors who own the bank with a bank you have no voice only investors have a voice when you open an account at a credit union you become a member owner with one share because credit unions are democratically run that chair gives you a voice think of it this way the bank cares about profits the credit union cares about you.

The History of Federal Credit Union- Dcu Customer Care Number

San Francisco has an illustrious history and so does San Francisco Federal Credit Union today the credit union and our employees are not only driven to provide the very best in financial products and services but also dedicated to community outreach through donations volunteerism and fundraising activities

our community share program continues to give back to nonprofit educational and civic organizations within the communities of San Francisco and San Mateo counties but how did it all start the heart of the institution began about 65 years ago by an accountant who wanted to provide financial security to his colleagues.

1954 the humble beginning of San Francisco Municipal Employees Credit Union operated from a kitchen table in a house on cap Street we began to modernize

 in 1956 when we were able to purchase an address a graph machine for mailing out statements our reputation was growing as were our members so the staff of three relocated to Market Street at that time the credit union boasted thirteen hundred members and had three hundred and thirty thousand dollars in assets the 1960s brought more changes beyond music and clothes

 1961 we started offering auto loans to city employees San Francisco Unified School District employees and their household family members

1963 we purchased the first sensotronic accounting machines which lightened the workload by

1967 we expanded once again and needed to move so eight employees 5200 members and assets up slightly over three million dollars settled in on Polke Street during

1968 a special member vote was conducted to install the first Board of de this group provided invaluable guidance directing management to install the culture and services of a not-for-profit credit union in our outreach to increase our membership base the

The 1970s continued to bring changes first

 1971 we got a new name San Francisco city employees credit union

 1973 our new location was completed on golden gate Avenue in 1977 the first computers and mortgage loans were introduced and

 1979 Social Security deposits were offered to members the

The 1970s were a very productive decade and we ended with 22 employees 11,000 members and more than fourteen million dollars in assets as the new decade dawned

1980 saw the introduction of shared draft accounts and direct deposit for retired employees members now had ways to more quickly access their funds in

1987 we joined the nationwide co-op ATM network which provided nationwide ATM access for our members that same year home equity loans were introduced members could borrow money from the equity in their home having access to cash flow to do a variety of things including home renovations pay for college and consolidate debt in

1989 the slogan it’s where you belong was adopted and the decade ended with 45 employees 20,000 members and assets totaling more than 121 million dollars

 1990 a visa classic credit card was introduced giving our members convenience and purchasing power

1991 the 24/7 Express line phone service was implemented to allow members to call anytime from anywhere to check balances and conduct selected transactions there were many milestones

 1995 a name change to San Francisco Federal Credit Union to who we are today the revolutionary Visa Check Card was introduced and the lakeside branch Poland to support the growth of membership at that time 60 employees served 27,000 members and managed 285 million dollars in assets a new century announced a new charter to include community live-work worship and attend to school in San Francisco as eligibility for membership online banking and Bill Pay were offered to members as technology became increasingly popular and convenient two years later the Richmond branch opened and the community share program was started a program focused on giving back to the communities of San Francisco and San Mateo counties through donations employee volunteerism and fundraising activities.

2009 it was time to refresh our image so a new slogan was created uncommonly good banking to reflect why we stand out above other financial institutions to help make member transactions more convenient new ATMs were installed at the Richmond and lakeside branches as well as at city hall and the hall of justice.

2011 84 employees helped 29,000 members manage assets of nearly eight hundred and twenty-nine million dollars in recent years 2013 saw our successful merger with San Francisco Park and Recreation Federal Credit Union technology in the banking industry continued to bring forth innovative solutions resulting in the launch of mobile banking and remote deposit capture members now had the convenience to do their banking and from the convenience of their homes.

2014 our Charter extended to include San Mateo County and the Burlingame branch opened our auto loans continued to grow to propel the credit union to one of the top auto lenders in the San Francisco Bay Area.

2017 we launched our newest theme we are San Francisco a powerful message that speaks to the credit unions focus on San Francisco the membership and communities as we enter the next decade we have more than 120 employees more than 45,000 members and over 1.1 billion dollars in assets and growing making us the largest credit union based in San Francisco and like San Francisco, with the help of our employees and members there’s still more history to be made

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