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Review Number 01 (Sofa Review How To Clean)

Hey there my name is Megan I’m actually going to clean my couch so I bought this couch two years ago from West Elm it is the harmony couch it’s been a wonderful couch for the last two years and hopefully

It will continue to be a wonderful couch for many more years to come so far it has held up really well it looks exactly the same as when we bought it I was really worried about it changing shape because it’s a very soft couch but it hasn’t changed shape at all it’s a little blemished because we have a dog who likes to get on our furniture

When we’re not home even though she knows she’s not supposed to so every now and then she’s had a little bit of a snotty nose and she’s left some kind of snot marks here and there I am guilty of eating dessert on this couch every now and then so there was a couple blemishes from that and of course because we have a dog who likes to get on the furniture like I said there is a ton of dog hair on it so the idea today is to clean this and hopefully be able to unzip some of the covers off of it and wash them and that they don’t change when I do that but we’re gonna kind of do this project vlog style and I’m gonna show you from beginning to end how that turns out because when I wash them some of them might shrink or change colors

So like I said I’m gonna start with the two smallest pillows and make sure that those hold up and if they don’t that I’m not gonna wash any of the other covers and if they do I’m gonna wash the rest of them okay so here is the couch in its current state looks great probably on camera but up close ton of dog hairdo you see that Darla likes to lay right there in that spot and her hair just builds up back there so I have some throw pillows on here which I’m gonna take off the first items I’m gonna wash I’m going to unzip the covers from this little pillow and the other little pillow that matches it which is that one I’m gonna throw this in the washer and see how they come out.

Small pillows are washing I am going to clean the base and back of the couch and I’m going to use this brush that I got off of Amazon it has a sort of rubbery feel to it and it is an auto upholstery cleaner brush Auto Apple I don’t know if I’m saying that right is a brush used for cleaning car upholstery auto upholstery and it had great reviews for removing pet hair crumbs all kinds of things that have cloth interiors for cars and I thought wow this has got to be good for a couch and I’ve used it a couple of times and it is pretty awesome so the parts of the couch that I cannot actually wash I’m gonna use the brush on it will link the brush from Amazon below in the description box below [Music] so I went through and I brushed the back of this after golf to put all the cushions off and you can see a ton of hair came off it’s really gross but now the back of the couch is nice and clean that brush is amazing so now I’m gonna vacuum all of this up and get it all out of the way I have removed all of the hair just vacuumed it up.

I swear this couch is looking brand new I’m super excited so let’s go check on the pillow covers pillow covers came out great all of the hair is out of these any little stains that were on there are gone so let’s see how they fit they don’t appear to have shrunk at all they look brand spanking new Oh after washing the pillows I feel very confident in washing all of the covers for the cushions in the pillow so I’m going to do that now so I ran out of sunlight yesterday but I did get the cushions back on the couch and everything put back together last night and I have to say that

I am really pleased with having washed seat covers in the washing machine they came out really really great so here’s the couch all cleaned the covers back on no more hair on the back of the couch looks so much better I think they actually fit a little bit better because even though I said that the coach hadn’t changed much in the last two years I realized that the covers on the cushions had gotten a little bit a little bit loose from sitting on it so now they’re right back to where they were they fit perfectly on the cushions nothing shrunk nothing changed color everything looks really good so if you have this couch I do recommend this method of washing the covers in the washing machine make sure you use a mild detergent

 I did use Mrs. Myers lavender-scented I think detergent and that worked really well and my favorite thing about the couch is how good it smells now it smells so good so I’m confident that I can keep this couch clean with a child coming into our home soon if there are any major stains I feel really really good about being able to get them out thanks for reading this review and hope this was helpful and I will see you guys next time. Thanks

Review Number 02

Hi, everybody, I’ve been doing some home shopping this last week and I have a bit of a haul to share with you guys today I don’t really do a lot with decor these days because I’ve been so busy trying to get rid of things and declutter and create space in my home but I’ve been looking around my loft these last couple of weeks and feeling like it could use a little bit of a refresher we’re moving towards spring-summer is going to be here before we know it which is awesome then adding some new things to my home today and you can come along with me if you want to see what they are so the first thing

 I picked up is some new throw pillows for my sofa my soul is probably my favorite thing in my entire apartment I’m always on this thing Netflix sing lap topping this is my spot and I wanted to add a little bit of color and texture here so I picked up this yellow striped linen pillow from Crate and Barrel and I liked that the yellow adds a little color but not too much color because

 I kind of like the neutral vibe right now also from crate barrel I got this gigantic embroidered gray pillow I think this design is really nice for spring and summer and I like that it has a chunky basketweave fabric to it and then last for my couch I got this cozy blue clay pillow from West Elm that’s really soft and comfy and just perfect for snuggling up with for my bed I’m pretty simple I don’t like having a bunch of stuff piled on it that I just have to toss on the floor every night when I want to go to sleep so I just got this one little pillow that caught my eye in West Elm it’s a sea breeze blue and white pattern and it has buttons on the back and I think it just adds that extra little touch to my otherwise very simple bedding I also got a couple of miscellaneous things while I was in West Elm I spotted this marble and wood jewelry box and I just fell so in love with it I thought it would be perfect for holding some small jewelry pieces and just really pretty to look at it it’s tiny so I can move it around to different spots and I just I couldn’t walk out without it and then I also picked up a candle this is the t quitting tobacco candle from the PF candle company I found this it made well and it smells so amazing it’s musky it has notes of sandalwood if you see it around give it a whiff and then from Target I picked up a few things for my bathroom I have desperately needed some new bath mats for a while now and I found these in that sea breeze blue color it’s kind of my power color right now one is textured and the other is a little memory foam one because those are the comfiest things ever also from Target I found this wooden shelf I’ve been wanting to add a shelf or two to my bathroom so I can get some stuff up off of my countertop and this one is exactly what I’ve been looking for and  it was really easy to put up and I loved it the wood has a raw feel to it and now I have somewhere to stick decor makeup brushes and whatever else I want to move out of the way for my kitchen I got a fruit bowl because I love my fruit and I’ve needed one of these for a while this is just a simple metal one from Crate and Barrel and I like that it has little feet on the bottom to keep your fruit up off of the counter also for my kitchen I found these towels from Target and it surprised a sea breeze blue type of color this was a pack of two and they work I don’t know what else you can say about kitchen towels but I like them so that’s it for this home haul I will have all the products that I show that listed and linked down in the info bar if you are interested in checking them out yourself if you enjoyed this review please give it a thumbs up and subscribe if you’d like to see more and that is it thank you guys so much for watching as always and I will see you later.

Review Number 03

hey, guys, I am very excited to welcome you guys here into my home today my living room and to have my husband’s TV hanging out with us today we’re really excited about this review because it all has to do with our home so today I thought it could be really fun to just give you guys a little sneak peek into some of the nooks and rooms in our home it is our first review really talking about the new home and giving you guys an inside look at sort of what the house looks like before we do that let’s hit the rewind button and tell them the story moved into this house two months ago we live in Los Angeles for any of you guys wondering like well where do you live and is that bad cable.

Where okay make now okay okay this house was the last one that I saw I was actually sent to me by a realtor it’s like an old Spanish place it’s like close to all of our friends and our family I was like this is literally perfect I have to get south of here right now the biggest thing was moving from a two-bedroom apartment to a three-bedroom house with a lot more space and rooms is you have to pill yeah and you don’t want to fill it up with just anything you know what I mean like you just there’s that excitement when you move into a new place you want to start fresh you that we needed to take our time with this and take it room by room we’re like we got it hard for me because I’m so impatient I just want it all done at once the biggest thing you have to think about is like what field do we want

We can create anything here West Elm happens to be I feel like the tone the feel the aesthetic of Stevie and I style combined to have like their in-home design services and it’s free so they were like we’ll send you one of our in-home designers and she’ll really help you kind of make some decisions because we just like could not pull the trigger on anything the couch was a hard part this couch is so comfortable oh and I’m a huge fan of sectional couches I feel like they’re super cozy especially when you want to like kick back and watch a movie late at night because I’m trying to unwind after a long day okay you wanted to go with kind of a more modern chair to kind of offset the classic rustic couch and I like that the back is really sturdy and it’s tall just kick back and relax in this chair and again it’s another really great piece before over it in the living room I can see myself moving it into the office or into my closet room you see this little bench area right over here this is actually a huge window and that happens to be one of the reasons why I really wanted this house is because of that window

We found this really perfect dark color bench and that’s also from West Sally it’s just a really great piece because if you’re looking from outside you can also see it and I really like that I was bar cart dreaming and the one that we got it’s so pinterest worthy the best thing about a bar cart is you can kind of put it anywhere we decided to put it here in our living room it’s super cute I’ve already dressed it up a little bit and I’m excited like during the holidays when we like entertain guests how that’s gonna like look can we go to the YouTube room please slash closet room because that happens to be one of my other favorite rooms is well that’s your favorite room because that’s all your stuff is and it’s basically a giant closet dedicated to you Oh I knew that my closet /youtube room was the one room that I could get away with doing anything that I wanted to it it’s an area where I can just kind of unwind if I want to have my alone time if I want to write a little blog post we got this awesome royal blue color chair it just looks so cute in there and it really has that feminine royal touch sweetie loves that chair too she has literally rated that room so we work from home

Obviously and so that was a big deal was getting three bedrooms because we wanted one bedroom to turn into an office so it kind of separates work from home Brittney works with us she’s my sister / our assistant/go-getter so we wanted the office to be cool we wanted to look good and feel good and be organized so we got Brittney the cross base desk with a glass top which is really cool

And then I actually got the modular desk with the mango wood which I really love I love that desk but can I talk about my bathroom real quick babe this bathroom is super 1920s look at the tiles like I love that feel and there’s so much counter space to like style my hair do my makeup you know do what I got to do so when I saw this furry stool from West Elm I knew I had to have it it’s so cute so feminine and when you’re walking into the bathroom it’s the first thing that you see so I’ve just got to say that’s it that’s like a chair that I really want to keep forever what’s your favorite item from West Elm that we out from my sound

I was gonna say you’re my favorite item you’re gonna think this is silly all right I really do love the furry stool chair in my bathroom because I have used it so much already in a night of everything is your favorite it’s been relaxing while I’m blow-drying my hair for three hours you’re gonna think this is weird my favorite thing is these couch necks are covering yourself I knew he was gonna say the couch so that’s why I didn’t say it can I just be real, Yeah right you didn’t know I was gonna say I liked the bar cart too it’s like it’s not a close second I love the couch that’s something that you guys want me to do comment below and let me know because I really want to hear your thoughts about that signing off we just want to say all furniture aside like it’s really nice when you can have nice things but at the same time it feels so right that we’re here in this home I feel like God truly blessed us with the perfect place

 it’s a hidden gem I feel in LA what is it what is this thing it’s not where you go it’s not where you are but it’s who you’re with I love that god bless everybody oh you just killed it babe but in all seriousness when we moved into this house it was a dream come true for me because I never thought that Los Angeles would feel like home la is a really fast-paced city it’s go-go-go everywhere you go somebody’s on a mission so for us I always thought maybe I would move back to Texas I didn’t know what it was gonna look like amount of things that went right and like worked out when we moved in here I was like looking up at the sky I was like being in this house was such a good thing I really have to acknowledge the man upstairs doing up thank God.

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