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History and Review of 24-hour Fitness Gym

what’s going on anyone is it’s called the solution as in the solution to fitness and today I’m gonna be reviewing 24-hour fitness construct the reviews is that our first over the gyms history like who owns it when and where it started then I’ll get into five major points that are the equipment of the gym the maintenance the customer service the price and the gyms unique qualities what separates this gym from other gyms like what is what does is to offer you at other gyms do not then I’ll give an overall score based on those topics from one out of five sets five being the highest or one out of ten reps to be more precise.

Personal Experience

 This review will be based on mine as well as several of my friends experiences going to 24-hour fitness and the locations in New Jersey New York and Hawaii so with all that being said let’s get right into the view of 24-hour Phoenix let’s start with a little history of 24-hour fitness 24 hours first opened up his doors in 1983 under the name 24-hour Nautilus in California it was founded by a man named Mark s master o 24 our fitness is actually second place when it comes to the membership base in the United States with well over 400 locations in 18 different states as of this recording the membership base is right behind Gold’s Gym which still currently holds the number one spot some of these states include Florida Texas Washington Nevada and of course California they actually have four different tier facilities you have the active location sport location the supersport and ultra sport obviously there’s a difference in price and amenities offered depending on which type of location you join.

But this review will be based on my experience trying the sport and super sport locations I have yet to try an ultra sport location as there’s currently only four as of this recording and they’re located in California and New York so let’s begin the actual review with the equipment of 24-hour fitness from the locations I visited the machines were mostly Hammer Strength Cybex Magnum along with free motion and hoist machines I haven’t seen many gyms with hoist machines the only other gym that I’ve been to with that brand is crunch fitness the cardio machines were mostly matrix freak or octane and AMT machines getting it to free weight now the dumbbells and plates are by iron grip I also saw Star Trek easy crowbars and there’s a ton of different unique equipment in this gym that you will almost never have to do the same workouts over and over again you can definitely keep your workouts fresh the equipment alone once a five out of five sets awesome selection and any tier facility so how does I’m making this up 24-hour fitness honestly the sport locations I visited to me didn’t look very well-maintained didn’t really see much cleaning being done either to me it seems like this gym tries to go for an old-school type of look but it’s a little too old-school for my taste I don’t know if that’s done purposefully or not I bring them the maintenance because this gym does charge an annual fee and gyms that charge these type of fees with poor maintenance is unacceptable to me but I’ll save that for when we get into the pricing the Super sport locations are another story.

There are maintained a lot better, of course, there were the occasional members that don’t put their waste back but that’s ninety percent of the average gym goes any way the locker rooms and gym floor are always pretty spacious in all the locations I visited definitely shouldn’t have a problem pumping shoulders there is also a daycare on-site called the kids club which is always a great plus there they admit up to 11 years or younger for two hours a day but they do charge you for that time a little bit of a downside locations also had a room for classes often multiple rooms and parking at most of the locations always seem to be great they made an emphasis on picking areas with a great deal of parking there isn’t a protein bar that may be something you probably won’t like but you can buy different brands of protein as well as various other supplement products and clothing.

You’ll find a lot of Nike branded clothing as 24-hour Fitness is partnered with Nike and we all know Nike has good quality clothing so let’s start getting into the customer service of 24-hour Fitness based on my personal experience of 24-hour finish staff as well as my other friends they seem to be alright didn’t really blow me away with great customer service but nothing really to complain about either friend of mine that go to or have been to this gym have minor complaints but nothing really major I didn’t really interact or ever see much training staff but 24-hour Fitness is also associated with the Spartan races so a lot of the personal trainers here could be people who participate in that and a lot of people that want to lose weight or have lost weight and want to push it to the next level attempt these races so a good place to start getting prep for that will be here so I decided to check out other customer service reviews and find many complaints upon reading the complaints.

 I found that 80% of them were either something very minor like not getting greetings at the door or not getting free towels, therefore, one star for this gym which I always feel those are entitled people that love to complain like it’s either five-star or it’s one starts with these kind of people or it was for something avoidable such as situations regarding supposed hidden fees that members never knew about or was never disclosed to them I’ve said this many times when it comes to these gym reviews and I’ll say it again it is your responsibility to read the contract that you sign yes there’s sleazy sales people that won’t disclose that information to you in hopes that you’ll sign up that day but just do your own research these fees are all listed on their website but now they’re on the subject of money let’s get into the price of 24-hour fitness what exactly are the charges and is it worth it there’s two types of memberships which are a month’s a month in which you can cancel anytime or a year-long commitment the commitments are the ones that usually charge a little less monthly usually five seven dollars less and or a zero dollar initiation fee bear in mind if you do go with the commitment and you try to leave the gym before the years up.

There will be a large buyout rate it’s difficult to talk exact prices the charges vary from location to location usually monthly prices go around twenty-five to thirty-five dollars a month and this is for the sport location I’m referring to but I’m mainly going to talk about what you get charged for because there are a few different charges and it can get a little confusing when you first join you have to pay two months up-front so let’s say you join a gym with a zero dollar initiation fee and thirty-five dollars a month you’ll be paying a little over seventy dollars upfront including taxes then you have the annual fee.

That most are never aware of I believe all locations active to ultra charge $29.99 correct me if I’m wrong about that super sport locations usually are in the forty to fifty dollar range and ultra support locations are usually almost any sixty to eighty dollar range you can also do a prepay plan where you can pay off a specified amount of time for you to visit the gym you can pay for seven days or a month or even a whole year and one payment some locations offer this some don’t this is something you’ll have to get the specific details from when you visit the location, in my opinion, I believe if we join a regular sport location $30 a month should be the most you pay monthly the Super Sport locations do warrant that 14 to $50 a month fee though the ones I’ve been to were really great why well that’s getting into the inequalities of the gym which I’m about to get into but I have seen gyms charging more and not half as much as 24-hour fitness does so what are some of the unique qualities of this gym well let’s first talk about what all locations.

Gym Machine Overview

I mentioned the various machines this gym has well one specific machine this gym has that no other gyms have are these octane fitness machines they allow you different leg movements to target different areas of the legs some, for example, moving side to side will work the inner or the outer thighs you can go forward and backward as well according to the reps of the gym equipment like this is exclusive to only them there are classes and every 24-hour fitness I’ve been to but some locations have screens like these that make it so much easier to look up a class schedule all classes come with the membership which is good because some gyms charge extra for that though there are some classes that are an additional fee but if you’re someone that is starting out or is into the basic group class environment this is the gym for you finish our fitness also has this easy pace system where you can charge items that you purchase at the gym to your account instead of using your actual cart some sport locations also has sauna rooms and Olympic swimming pools which is great for the price that was charging however the Super Sport locations have that plus steam rooms a spa courts and jacuzzis some locations even offered volleyball.

But my favorite unique quality of some of the supersport locations is that they have sauna rooms that work for both men and women together ok I don’t mean this in a perverted way but I have yet to see any gym incorporate this and is something I’ve always wanted because most gyms that have sauna rooms are split one for men and one for women so you and your significant other can actually relax together in the sauna room after a long hard work out another thing you should be aware of is just because it’s called 24-hour fitness doesn’t mean all locations are open 24 hours so if you’re someone that is into the late-night workouts that be sure to get that information as well before joining.

But if you do join one desk 24 hours totally worth what they’re charging because other 24 hour gyms are either cheap with no real equipment or overpriced with not enough real equipment the ultra sport location obviously is the top class one but like I said in there but as you can see here is a gym for the luxurious however I think most reading this article for the general information and I say most as in 90% of them don’t go to the gyms for all the extra amenities they want a gym with good equipment be able to get a good workout in and at a decent price on the final note if you truly leaning toward the idea of joining this gym I recommend checking out Costco first and you may be thinking Pasco what the hell like I can’t work out there but no Kosta was also partnered with 24-hour fitness and they often give really great race so if you have a Costco nearby check him out Tony front of Fitness offers a free three-day pass for you to try the gym out which I think is plenty to know if you want to join the gym or not just be aware it’s three consecutive days, not three different days of your choosing I feel that should be obvious but I’m sure there’s someone out there that needed that clarification okay.

Final Rating

So my final thoughts on 24-hour fitness I mentioned this in my five best gyms for beginners video where 24-hour fitness was one of my choices this gym can appeal to both beginners with the group classes and advanced gym goers with the tools for intense training it can appeal to parents people that work late I feel that if it covers all those areas for you and there really is a reason this gym has one of the biggest fastest growing membership rates so overall I’m giving this gym a very high four out of five sets or 8 out of 10 reps maybe like 88.5 the amount of equipment and unique qualities this gym has is one of the best most other gyms don’t even compare definitely a great environment in that regard the amount of locations it has is a great plus with the amount of 24-hour finishes they have throughout the country it feels like almost wherever you go you’ll find one less than a few miles away but pricing is a bit of an issue a minor issue but for what it has it’s definitely worth it but it’s a consistent and with that annual fee I feel I feel a little robbed if the gym isn’t well maintained which a lot of the locations were not well guys that were my review for 24-hour Fitness

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