Aetna Customer Service Number

Aetna Customer Service Number

Dial # 1 800 872 3862

Address: Aetna Inc, 151 Farmington Avenue, Hartford, CT 06156

Pharmacy Detail

Pharmacy Phone Number

1 888 792 3862


Monday to Friday: 7 am To 11 pm

Saturday: 7 am To 9:30 pm

Sunday: 8 am To 6 pm

Claim Address

Aetna Pharmacy Management, PO Box 52444,

Phoenix, AZ 85072 2444

Drugs Order Address

Aetna Rx Home Delivery, PO Box 417019

Kansas City, MO 64179 9892

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Doctor’s and Staff Reviews

Shawn  Franklyn (Executive Director)

Value-based care is about proven quality and lowering costs rather than concentrating on a system.

Kenneth Homer, MD

that’s focused and reimbursement based on volume are now focusing on what we should be focusing on and that’s keeping patients well.

Brigitte NetteSheim  (CEO)

it’s about outcomes it’s about the experience Haitians.

Doreen Smiley, RN (Health Nurse)

patients will note that it’s more of a team concept,  more efficiently through the health care system to get them better more timely care week after heart surgery I developed a fever and I had to be admitted to the hospital.

Aetna Health Insurance

This is John Pinelli financial representative talking to you today about AHI and knows one of the largest health care providers in the United States the insurance that they offer is very affordable they offer it to a wide range of people in I believe 27 states across the United States Aetna is been around for many years they have been ranked number two in Fortune magazine for their industry the industry that was back in 2007.

So they are one of the top leading providers for abovementioned subject  and they do like I said very affordable options ranging from a variety low deductible and more expensive package to higher deductible cheaper package and they plan this wide range to sort of fit all the potential customers that they can access some low income some high income some middle-income Edna

Will have a specifically tailored to fit all those individuals if you want more information on the types of package that Aetna offers feel free to contact them their information can be easily looked up online and you can even look at quotes or have an agent contact you to provide you with quotes so this has been John Pinelli financial representative.